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Press Releases
  10-07-16     "Joe Ramiro Garcia: Optimist"  
  10-07-16     "Daniel Morper: In Memoriam, the Life of a Landscape Painter"  
  09-30-16     "Kurt Solmssen: Real World"  
  08-26-16     "Connie Connally: Place in Time"  
  08-26-16     "Artem Vitro: 12 Artists Working in Glass"  
  08-19-16     "Ira Yeager: Portraits as Narrative"  
  07-29-16     "Woody Gwyn: American Vista"  
  07-22-16     "Tom Palmore: My Menagerie"  
  07-22-16     "Personal Reflections: Lucy Lyon and Latchezar Boyadjiev"  
  06-10-16     "Michael Roque Collins: Works on Paper"  
  06-10-16     "Emily Mason: Ripple Effect"  
  04-22-16     "Henry Jackson:Continuum"  
  04-22-16     "Wes Hempel: Reconnection"  
  01-15-16     "Forrest Moses: The Monotypes"  
  04-25-15     "Dan Christensen: Atmospherics"  
  03-13-15     "Connie Connally & Sammy Peters: Fusion"  
  03-07-15     "Jeanette Pasin Sloan: Reflected Beauty"  
  02-02-15     "Ed Mieczkowski: The Aesthetics of Geometry"  
  02-02-15     "Bernard Chaet: Form in Nature"  
  01-24-15     "Color Play: The Primacy of Color in Contemporary Art"  
  01-05-15     "Steven Williams: Legacy of Landscape"  
  10-21-14     "Tracy Rocca: New Paintings"  
  09-08-14     "Diane Burko: Investigations of the Environment"  
  09-02-14     "Dirk de Bruycker: Logos"  
  08-22-14     "Jesse Blanchard: Amalgams of Color"  
  07-25-14     "Hiroshi Yamano and Pedro Surroca: Branches"  
  07-19-14     "Tom Palmore: Big Cats and Birds"  
  07-18-14     "Christopher Benson: Withheld Narratives"  
  06-07-14     "Henry Jackson: Halted in Transition"  
  05-17-14     "Joe Ramiro Garcia: Transference"  
  04-12-14     "Emily Mason: Opened Jars"  
  03-20-14     "Well-Known Santa Fe Artist, Lucy Lyon, Tapped to Create Glass Sculpture for Sandy Hook Memorial"  
  02-14-14     "Hiroshi Yamano: Scenes of Japan"  
  01-14-14     "Reimagining the Contemporary Landscape: New Views and Interpretations"  
  12-17-13     "Now and Then: Contrasting Approaches to Key Themes of Modernism"  
  12-02-13     "John Kiley: Structure"  
  11-02-13     "Tom Palmore: Beguiling Beasts"  
  11-02-13     "Sammy Peters: Internal Narrative"  
  09-26-13     "Michael Roque Collins: Beyond Earth's Rhythms"  
  09-12-13     "Ed Mieczkowski: Visual Paradox and Perceptual Art"  
  08-20-13     "Ronnie Landfield: After the Rain"  
  08-15-13     "Bernard Chaet: Songs of Joy (Memorial Exhibition)"  
  07-04-13     "Nathan Oliveira: Paintings and Sculpture"  
  06-28-13     "Santa Fe's Holy Trinity of Landcape Painting: John Fincher, Woody Gwyn & Forrest Moses"  
  06-25-13     "Ron Ehrlich: Wild Hoses"  
  05-27-13     "Dan Christensen: The Orb Paintings"  
  05-24-13     "Jane Manus: Linear Language"  
  05-16-13     "Sammy Peters: Internal Narrative"  
  05-06-13     "Six Rising Stars: Blanchard, Connally, Fitzgerald, Johnston, Rocca & Schmitz"  
  04-18-13     "Marco Petrus: Belle Citta"  
  04-05-13     "Line, Form and Color: Harmonic Convergence"  
  03-28-13     "New York Color Field: Mason, Landfield, Natkin, and Christensen"  
  02-10-13     "Lucy Lyon: Connections"  
  02-10-13     "Jeanette Pasin Sloan: Life Mirrors"  
  02-10-13     "Kris Cox: Failure"  
  09-06-12     "Jesse Blanchard: Home"  
  08-15-12     "Bill Barrett: DNA"  
  08-15-12     "Lucy Lyon: Together Apart"  
  07-12-12     "John Fincher: The Line of Nature: A Continuing Exploration"  
  07-12-12     "Tom Palmore: Cats, Birds, and a Couple of Monkeys"  
  07-10-12     "Steve Klein and Veruska Vagen: Homage"  
  06-21-12     "Woody Gwyn: Elements of Landscape"  
  06-15-12     "Forrest Moses: Sylvan Waters"  
  06-07-12     "Ethan Stern: In Urbanism"  
  05-05-12     "Diane Burko: Water Matters"  
  05-05-12     "Richard Ryan: Still Movies"  
  04-15-12     "Margaret Fitzgerald: Natura"  
  03-29-12     "Emily Mason: Summer Response"  
  03-23-12     "Bernard Chaet: Coastal Memories"  
  02-24-12     "Color Queries: Jimi Gleason, Timothy Schmitz, and Woody Shepherd"  
  10-25-11     "Barry Brukoff: Temples of Eternal Memories"  
  10-17-11     "Michael Roque Collins: Tides of Memory"  
  09-06-11     "Boyd & Evans: Portrait of a Landscape"  
  08-17-11     "Keith Johnston: Fauna, Fruit & Fables"  
  07-01-11     "Bending Light: Jeanette Pasin Sloan & Steve Smulka"  
  06-30-11     "Ronnie Landfield: Beyond Color Field"  
  06-16-11     "John Kiley: Inclination"  
  06-03-11     "Pablo Picasso: Important Works on Paper"  
  05-31-11     "Peter Bremers: Points of Ascent"  
  05-27-11     "John Fincher: Recent Works"  
  05-26-11     "Robert Natkin: The Architecture of Atmosphere"  
  04-15-11     "Dan Christensen: Bars & Scrapes"  
  04-12-11     "Sammy Peters: Surface Tensions"  
  03-10-11     "Wes Hempel: Model Citizens"  
  10-12-10     "American Painterly Abstraction: 7 Painters"  
  09-03-10     "Timothy Schmitz: When Things Surface"  
  07-21-10     "Carolyn Morris Bach: Talismans"  
  07-21-10     "Tom Palmore: Animal Farm"  
  07-13-10     "John Fincher: Enduring Terrain"  
  06-14-10     "Forrest Moses: Rock, Paper, Rivers"  
  06-01-10     "Judy Chicago: The Toby Heads"  
  06-01-10     "People, Places and Things at Naples Museum of Art"  
  05-26-10     "Woody Gwyn: Expanded Views"  
  05-18-10     "Hiroshi Yamano: Scenes of Japan"  
  05-18-10     "Joe Ramiro Garcia: Urban Reconnaissance"  
  04-20-10     "Margaret Fitzgerald: Desaparecer"  
  04-12-10     "Emily Mason: Color Revelations"  
  04-05-10     "Vanishing Points: Saul Becker, Marti Cormand, Steve Robinson; curated by Alex Ross"  
  03-16-10     "Bernard Chaet: Observations & Intentions"  
  03-04-10     "Ron Ehrlich: New Work"  
  02-04-10     "Sharon Booma: Still Remained in Plain View"  
  01-29-10     "Three New Mexico Modernists: Warren Davis, Douglas Denniston, Thomas Stokes"  
  01-21-10     "Jimi Gleason: Linked by Light"  
  11-17-09     "Conversations (Group Show)"  
  10-29-09     "Kris Cox: Geometry + Gesture"  
  10-07-09     "Ruins to Resurrection: The Sacred Landscapes of Michael Roque Collins"  
  08-28-09     "Ed Mieczkowski: Cranes: Defining the Industrial Abstract"  
  07-15-09     "Carolyn Morris Bach: Earbobs"  
  07-15-09     "Forrest Moses: NOW and THEN: Vintage Work"  
  07-08-09     "Dan Christensen: Lyrical Spray Canvases, 1960s to 1990s"  
  06-03-09     "Keith Johnston: Ad Hoc"  
  05-28-09     "Forrest Moses: NOW and THEN: Recent Work"  
  05-18-09     "Inaugural Exhibition at the Railyard Opens Friday May 22, 2009"  
  05-18-09     "Equivocations and Assertions: New Paintings by Sammy Peters"  
  05-18-09     "Fragile Domains: Group Show of Six Artists Working in Glass"  
  04-28-09     "Ronnie Landfield: Forty Years of Color Abstraction"  
  02-27-09     "Brad Ellis: Pattern, Rhythm and Process"  
  02-26-09     "Hand to Paper (Group Show)"  
  02-02-09     "Horizons (Group Show)"  
  01-19-09     "Sam Scott: New Acquisitions Exhibition at The Harwood"  
  12-02-08     "Tom Palmore: Book Signing Event"  
  09-24-08     "Jeanette Pasin Sloan: Illusion"  
  08-27-08     "Sarah Amos & Pamela Farland: Contemporary Antiquities"  
  08-27-08     "Jean Arnold: Momentum, Traversing New Mexico"  
  08-14-08     "Beverly McIver: Coming Home"  
  08-14-08     "Audrey Flack: Abstract Expressionist to Photo-Realist, 1949-1977"  
  08-01-08     "LewAllen on the Move: Announcing Railyard & Encantado Galleries"  
  06-20-08     "Carolyn Morris Bach: Voices from the Woods"  
  06-20-08     "John Geldersma: Ancient + Familiar"  
  06-20-08     "Daniel Morper: A Sense of Light, A Sense of Place"  
  06-20-08     "Darren Vigil Gray: Crossing the Dream"  
  05-27-08     "Joe Ramiro Garcia: Karaoke"  
  05-27-08     "Forrest Moses: Forest Impressions"  
  05-15-08     "Hiroshi Yamano: Nagare"  
  05-06-08     "Ron Ehrlich: In Other Words"  
  04-11-08     "David Burliuk: Russian Modernist"  
  04-11-08     "Announcing New Modernist Division of LewAllen Galleries"  
  04-08-08     "Emily Mason: Contemplating Color"  
  03-03-08     "Bill Barrett: Divertimentos in Bronze"  
  02-04-08     "Bernard Chaet: A Breath of Plein Air, 45 Years of Landscapes and Portraits"  
  02-04-08     "Sharon Booma: Defining Circumstances"  
  01-30-08     "For Your Valentine: Gifts from the Heart by Carolyn Morris Bach"  
  11-20-07     "Elisa Jimenez of The Hunger World and Project Runway"  
  10-24-07     "Ornaments: Carolyn Morris Bach, John McVeigh, Janis Kerman"  
  10-21-07     "Judy Chicago's Car Hood Sets Auction Record"  
  10-08-07     "Art Work by Judy Chicago in Remembrance of "The Disappeared""  
  10-02-07     "Madeleine Keesing, Steve Klein, Brad Ellis: Linear Variations"  
  09-01-07     "Margaret Fitzgerald & Keith Johnston: Paradox"  
  09-01-07     "Michael Roque Collins: Memory Gardens"  
  08-01-07     "Timothy Schmitz: Luminosity"  
  08-01-07     "Robert Natkin: Color Transcendence, A 50-Year Survey"  
  07-03-07     "Ramona Sakiestewa: Nebula -- the Reflection Series"  
  07-01-07     "Darren Vigil Gray: Cherishing the Muse"  
  07-01-07     "Carolyn Morris Bach: New Work"  
  06-01-07     "Forrest Moses: River's Edge"  
  04-25-07     "Sammy Peters: Silent Metronome"  
  03-28-07     "A Symposium on The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago: Its Historical Significance and Influence"  
  03-28-07     "Judy Chicago: History in the Making: Rare Preparatory Materials for The Dinner Party"  
  03-21-07     "Ed Mieczkowski: Optically Enduring"  
  02-25-07     "Pard Morrison: Peripheral"  
  02-20-07     "Dan Christensen: Pure Painting"  
  02-20-07     "Ted Larsen: Creating Content"  
  09-29-06     "Robert Brady: New Work"  
  09-09-06     "Judy Chicago: Chicago in Glass"  
  08-28-06     "Cities Different: Jean Arnold, Ben Aronson, Daniel Morper"  
  07-31-06     "Ed Moses & Jimi Gleason: Cat A-Hula"  
  07-28-06     "Geoffrey Laurence: The Reality of Things: New Drawings and Paintings"  
  07-06-06     "Yazzie Johnson & Gail Bird: Indian Market Jewelry Show"  
  07-05-06     "Darren Vigil Gray: Instincts Keep Me Running Like A Deer"  
  06-21-06     "Tom Palmore: Portraits of the Animal World (based on a true story)"  
  05-16-06     "Ramona Sakiestewa Receives Two of State's Highest Honors"  
  05-10-06     "Forrest Moses: Wetlands"  
  04-12-06     "Joe Ramiro Garcia: True Grit"  
  03-24-06     "Emily Mason: Directions"  
  03-03-06     "Ed Mieczkowski: Visual Paradox"  
  01-26-06     "Sharon Booma: Somewhere Between the Edges"  
  01-25-06     "Diptychs (Group Show)"  
  01-16-06     "Judy Chicago Named As One of Eight Who Changed the World"  
  01-04-06     "LewAllen Contemporary Represents Ed Mieczkowski's Life's Work"  
  12-09-05     "Joe Ramiro Garcia Receives Grant from Joan Mitchell Foundation"  
  12-02-05     "Jan Adlmann: Who's Your Dada?"  
  11-04-05     "Michael Collins and Sharon Kopriva: Sojourn in the Shadowlands"  
  10-07-05     "Jeffrey Blondes: Landscape : Seascape | le Paysage : la Marine"  
  09-02-05     "Emmi Whitehorse and John Geldersma: Myth and Meta-Language"  
  09-02-05     "Jean Arnold and Pard Morrison: Architectonics"  
  08-13-05     "Hiroshi Yamano: East Meets West"  
  08-12-05     "Darren Vigil Gray: Untamable Forces"  
  08-12-05     "Yazzie Johnson and Gail Bird: Indian Market Jewelry Show"  
  08-05-05     "Jesus Moroles: Small Works"  
  08-05-05     "Jimi Gleason and Ted Larsen: The Spirit of Matter"  
  07-09-05     "Michael Childers: Flowers"  
  07-01-05     "Forrest Moses: Reflections on Water"  
  06-17-05     "Bill Barrett: Connexus"  
  06-15-05     "Darren Vigil Gray Joins LewAllen Contemporary"  
  06-03-05     "Ramona Sakiestewa: New Work"  
  06-03-05     "Virgil Grotfeldt & Ani Yellowhammer: Evocations of Mystery"  
  05-16-05     "Ramona Sakiestewa Receives Two of State's Highest Honors"  
  05-06-05     "Sammy Peters: Soliloquy"  
  05-06-05     "Mark Kane & Timothy Schmitz: Intimate Abstractions"  
  04-01-05     "Margaret Fitzgerald & Gretchen Wachs: Surface Dialogues"  
  04-01-05     "Bernd Haussmann & Scottie Parsons: Whispers and Intimations"  
  03-04-05     "Beverly McIver: Raising Renee"  
  02-04-05     "Small Works (Group Show)"  
  11-26-04     "Dualities (9 visiting artists, curated by Katherine Chang Liu)"  
  11-12-04     "Sherry Karver: Motion & Rest"  
  11-06-04     "Meridel Rubenstein: Belonging: Los Alamos to Vietnam"  
  10-15-04     "Michael Roque Collins: Ritual of Memory"  
  09-01-04     "St. Ann's Press Announces Publication of Meridel Rubenstein: Belonging"  
  08-13-04     "Annual Indian Market Group Show 2004"  
  08-06-04     "Tom Palmore: New Work"  
  07-23-04     "Garcia & Geldersma: Two Solo Exhibitions"  
  07-08-04     "Judy Chicago: Minimalism, 1965-1973"  
  06-18-04     "Surface and Structure: Pard Morrison and Timothy Schmitz"  
  06-11-04     "Forrest Moses: Works on Paper"  
  05-07-04     "Emily Mason: Paintings"  
  05-07-04     "Form4: David Joy, Lucy Lyon, Charles Miner, Gretchen Wachs"  

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