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Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson:
Opening Friday, April 29th
| April 22 – June 5
With a new body of paintings on view at LewAllen Galleries beginning April 29, Henry Jackson has juxtaposed the expected and the unforeseen into a dynamic tension that infuses serious energy into the work. His process is complexly suggestive of an astute technician – combining wax, solvent, and pigments, then applying them to canvas with tools that force muscular expression – while his mode of creating derives from an imagination teetering between pure spontaneity and adept contemplation.

About this, Jackson says “For the most part I rely on my emotions while working on any piece. My process begins with no preconceived idea. I believe in allowing the work to dictate its own direction and conclusion. I will also rely on the left brain to assist with more academic decisions to move the piece along. I’ve learned that everything is a shape, whether familiar or otherwise. It’s the ‘other’ that intrigues me.”

Wes Hempel
Wes Hempel:
Opening Friday, April 29th
| April 22 – June 5
Hempel has long committed himself to re-envisioning the depiction of masculinity in contemporary art. By setting psychologically acute portraits of modern-day males against backgrounds appropriated from such disparate sources as Neoclassical history painting and Dutch Golden Age landscapes, the artist’s works forge provocative dialogues between the exigencies of the present and its endowments from the past.

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