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Bernard Chaet
Bernard Chaet:
Form in Nature
| February 27 – March 29
Featuring works newly released from the estate of this legendary painter and former head of the Yale Art School. Works both exemplary of his best known styles and some very divergent from the main part of his oeuvre are included in this exhibition. These include examples of his celebrated vibrantly impressionistic landscapes alongside more realist figurative work from the 1960s and 1970s demonstrating the wide scope of this American master.

Ed Mieczkowski
Ed Mieczkowski:
The Aesthetics of Geometry
| February 27 – March 29
A solo exhibition of paintings, sculpture and works on paper from more than 45 years of the career of artist Ed Mieczkowski. The show will explore Mieczkowksi’s artistic experiments with physical and visual geometry in two and three dimensions. A salient figure in the development of Op Art and Geometric Abstraction, Ed Mieczkowski has radically altered the interface between art and perception. Acclaimed by critics and curators, the artist garnered laudatory coverage in Time magazine’s 1964 article “Op Art: Pictures that Attack the Eye,” the first printed instance of the term used to describe the then-burgeoning artistic movement.

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