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Lloyd Martin
Lloyd Martin:
Preview Showcase Exhibition
Opening Friday, November 25 | November 25 – January 2
Lloyd Martin paints his abstracted systems with a painterly physicality, carefully layering his patterns of rectangular brushed, stained, and dripped slabs of oil paint. The vibrantly interactive color palette and synchronized, rhythmic movement between geometric forms suggest a musical pulse that dissolves the perception of space and inspires meditative introspection. These remarkable, linearly kaleidoscopic paintings have earned Martin acclaim as a highly regarded innovator exploring the possibilities of energizing the grid as an exciting spatial form within contemporary art.

Joe Ramiro Garcia
Joe Ramiro Garcia:
| October 28 – December 4
A highly regarded artist with a strong printmaking background, Garcia juxtaposes Pop Art’s cultural iconography with an expressionistic, painterly aesthetic. There is a cloudy air of the familiar within the figurative elements of his painting; the wordplay associations, the blurriness of past recollection and of late-night TV, his characters and cartoons sprung from both memory and the memorabilia of the past and the present. His technical approach relies on oils, brushes, scrapers, and a hand-applied lithographic technique that forms painted surfaces which operate in a middle ground between painting, lithograph, and collage.

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