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Kurt Solmssen
Real World:
Recent Paintings by Kurt Solmssen
Opening Friday, September 30 | September 30 – November 6
Kurt Solmssen is a painterly imagist who portrays a gentle and idyllic universe. His landscapes are self-confident and natural – infused with an elegant simplicity. Solmssen’s paintings are a paean to the preciousness of life’s ordinary moments. The work is generally characterized as realism but is generously enhanced by abstraction in a somewhat impressionistic manner that woo the viewer into a rich realm of memory and nostalgia.

Christina Bothwell, Latchezar Boyadjiev, Peter Bremers, Matthew Curtis, John Kiley, Steve Klein, Lucy Lyon, Charles Miner, Danny Perkins, Veruska Vagen, Carmen Vetter, Hiroshi Yamano
Artem Vitro
Opening Friday, August 26 | August 26 – October 2
Comprised of new work by twelve of the world’s leading glass artists, this exhibition initiates elemental dialogues between voices that explore the conceptual, political, expressive possibilities of glass sculpture, just as glass itself encapsulates, radiates and transforms light. This show coincides with Glass for the New Millennium, a museum exhibition at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, California which features sculpture by many renowned artists whose work will also be highlighted in Artem Vitro.

Connie Connally
Connie Connally:
Place in Time
Opening Friday, August 26 | August 26 – October 2
Connie Connally paints beautiful canvases of complex elegance, with imagery that merges harmoniously and nearly completely both representational reference and powerful abstraction. In Place In Time, Connally explores sensory worldly experience through kaleidoscopic, expressionist abstraction. Connally’s poetic colorscapes, with their expressive brushwork, sweeping gestural marks, and animated cadence reflect the artist’s passion for distilling the essence of her observations of nature and situate her work as the vital interplay between memory and imagination. Her palette of organic color and calligraphic brushstroke combine to serve as imprint of the artist’s profound love of being in nature and the desire that her painting reflect both her exterior and interior experience of it.

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