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Michael Roque Collins
Michael Roque Collins:
The Venetian Series
| October 30 – December 6
Working with a visual language drawn from conceptual associations between historical entropies that buffet a city and personal ones that shape human experience, the noted post-symbolist, Michael Roque Collins, has produced an engaging new series of richly impasto oil paintings that form the subject of his latest solo exhibition, entitled 'The Venetian Series'. This new work forcefully resonates the powerful aura of mythic transcendence that has come to represent the contemporary meaning of Venice. From his deep immersion into the architecture, light, water and lore of La Serenissima, Collins extrapolates arrays of entropic forces for which he finds parallels in life. Metaphorical reference to the city’s “stones”, lagoons, and tumult is made to suggest the regenerative possibilities that can emerge from creative imagination in contending with life’s conflicts and struggles – both for a city and for man.

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