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Bill Barrett
Bill Barrett:
Emanations in Bronze
Opening Friday, October 9th
| October 9 – November 8
LewAllen's Emanations in Bronze features a significant range of the wide variety of these remarkable "frozen in motion" expressions for which Barrett has been widely acclaimed and which seem more like images of impromptu spontaneity than objects of durable metal. These sophisticated constructions, through a delicate balance of form and content, transcend the starker aesthetics of minimalism with a warmth and humanity that suggests the rhythm of dance and music. As precursor sculptures for his large scale work, the maquettes and mid-size works in this exhibition offer opportunities for collectors who do not have the space for his more monumental work. Thus providing the collector the opportunity to include Barrett's distinctive, fluid creations in their own collections.

John Beerman, Christopher Benson, David Hines, Kurt Solmssen
Quiet Spaces:
Christopher Benson, John Beerman,
David Hines & Kurt Solmssen
| September 25 – November 1
Four highly-acclaimed painters of personal impressions of place join together in a new LewAllen Galleries exhibition of contrasting imaginings of the visible world. Connecting the significant range of pictorial variation included within the show is the power of place to inflame the imagination with indelible imprints of the sublime. Images may be the most unassuming of scenes or the grandest of vistas. But a common theme aptly illustrated by the work in this show is a stillness created in very different ways through choices of place, perspective, color, lighting and brushwork. This pervasive sense of quietude in these various scenes allows a penetrating feeling of reverence and veneration to enter the mind and heart.

Brian O'Connor
Brian O'Connor:
Mystique with a Message
| September 4 – October 4
For more than 30 years, acclaimed New Mexico painter Brian O’Connor has created phantasmal scenes of mystery and elusive allegorical meaning. 'Mystique with a Message' is a new exhibition at LewAllen Galleries of the artist’s renowned sociopolitical narratives and fanciful morality tales. With every brush stroke as a metaphor, his paintings become a language of emotion, memory and ideas, rendering figures within a range of realism – from classical, to caricature, to cartoon. O’Connor’s genius may well be to make the fantastic seem plausible. The difference between what is real and what is imagined blurs even as the fervid contours of an enormously individualist imagination are revealed.

Peter Bremers
Peter Bremers:
Reflections of the West:
Canyons and Deserts
| July 27 – October 4
Dutch artist Peter Bremers' internationally renowned cast glass sculptures are characterized by their rich earth-hued tones, angular structures, and intricately cut channels. The works in Bremers' Canyons & Deserts series, which comprise this show, essentialize and evoke the austere and awe-inspiring landscape formations across New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Using gestures of the hand to approximate the visual effects of erosion and stratification, the series proposes a dynamic contrast between human and geologic time. According to Bremers, these forms are not so much about representing landscape, but rather, "it's about finding yourself reflected in the environment."

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