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Brent Godfrey
Brent Godfrey:
Nature | Nurture
Opening June 26th | June 26 – July 26
In his first solo exhibition at LewAllen Galleries, realist painter Brent Godfrey has created a riveting show entitled Nature|Nurture, consisting of more than 25 virtuosic paintings in oil or acrylic capping a brilliant career that spans over 25 years. Using an uncanny ability to infuse gorgeous imagery with mystery and allusive power, Godfrey creates paintings of family and nature whose apparent serenity often disguises a razor sharp capacity to incite memory and provoke re-examination of assumptions.

John Fincher
John Fincher:
Opening June 26th | June 26 – July 26
In this new body of work, Botanica, John Fincher inaugurates largely unexplored image choice and innovative composition, creating an entirely new series of striking paintings based on floral and plant motifs that represents a significant departure from the pictorial vocabulary of his previous and more familiar Southwestern paintings. The Botanica series includes more than thirty oils on linen and works on paper, and takes the artist’s previous love of flora and propels it to an entirely new level of contemporary vitality.

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