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Woody Gwyn
American Vista:
New Works by Woody Gwyn
Artist Reception Friday, July 29th
| July 29 – September 5
Woody Gwyn has been recognized as one of the finest representational painters of the contemporary art world. Known for his exquisite detail, unusually radiant lighting, and unique perspective on landscape. Gwyn is regarded for his passion about finding what he calls “the truth of the land.” He paints exactingly from close study of his subject, whether shimmering sea coast, highway vista, arboreal image, starry sky or Southwestern mesa and arroyo, to name but a few examples of his varied subjects.

Latchezar Boyadjiev, Lucy Lyon
Personal Reflections:
Lucy Lyon and Latchezar Boyadjiev
Artist Reception Friday, July 29
| July 23 – August 15
Personal Reflections, is a dialogue between new bodies of work by glass sculptors Lucy Lyon and Latchezar Boyadjiev. The artists, through their handling of light, color, and dimension in glass, evoke the human figure in languages that span the representational and the abstract, the personal and the interpersonal, the idyllic and the individual.

Tom Palmore
Tom Palmore:
My Menagerie
Artist Reception Friday, July 29th
| July 22 – August 21
For more than 35 years, Tom Palmore has painted animals as the subjects of portraits with characteristic wit, sophistication, refined attention to detail, and stunning technical prowess. His ultra-real renderings of animals in thousands of brushstrokes of oil and acrylic offer a unique, whimsical juxtaposition of technical literalism and magically real, imaginative context. In his new exhibition at LewAllen Galleries, My Menagerie, Palmore once again enlarges the traditions of portraiture and prods us to investigate our reactions to a painted world where the expected is upended.

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