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Joe Ramiro Garcia
Joe Ramiro Garcia:
Opening Friday, October 28th | October 28 – December 4
A highly regarded artist with a strong printmaking background, Garcia juxtaposes Pop Art’s cultural iconography with an expressionistic, painterly aesthetic. There is a cloudy air of the familiar within the figurative elements of his painting; the wordplay associations, the blurriness of past recollection and of late-night TV, his characters and cartoons sprung from both memory and the memorabilia of the past and the present. His technical approach relies on oils, brushes, scrapers, and a hand-applied lithographic technique that forms painted surfaces which operate in a middle ground between painting, lithograph, and collage.

Daniel Morper
Daniel Morper: In Memoriam
The LIfe of a Landscape Painter | October 7 – November 6
Daniel Morper, who passed away in April of this year, was a long-time resident and much beloved figure within the Santa Fe art world, as well as a nationally respected painter of the American landscape. This exhibition features a selection of works from Morper’s lifelong love affair with every variant of American land form and space, both natural and manmade. As writers have noted, Morper delighted in painting everything from New York rooftops and street scenes, to Southwestern mountains and canyons, even volleyball courts on California beaches. In later years he became intrigued with railroad imagery – engines, boxcars, train tracks, and signal sheds framed in stoic relief against sylvan expanses of distant mountains. The contrast between the railroad as icon of the mechanical age and the sprawling ranges of unspoiled pastoral grasslands it traverses never ceased to fascinate Morper. He is especially well known for his meticulously rendered reverential paintings of the Santa Fe Railyard before its recent re-development. Morper especially prized these luminous and richly evocative portraits of a time in Santa Fe’s history now gone by.

Kurt Solmssen
Real World:
Recent Paintings by Kurt Solmssen | September 30 – November 6
Kurt Solmssen is a painterly imagist who portrays a gentle and idyllic universe. His landscapes are self-confident and natural – infused with an elegant simplicity. Solmssen’s paintings are a paean to the preciousness of life’s ordinary moments. The work is generally characterized as realism but is generously enhanced by abstraction in a somewhat impressionistic manner that woo the viewer into a rich realm of memory and nostalgia.

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