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Timothy Schmitz



A virtuoso of color, light, shape and idea, Tim Schmitz creates timeless objects of beauty and contemplation. In recent years, he has worked in a wide range of materials, including oil, wax, ground marble, alkyd and resin on supports of vinyl, canvas and board, to create luminous pieces that defy classification as either paintings or sculpture.


Suffused in his new work is a refined sense of the Japanese aesthetic notion that beauty comes from the visually modest and humble. There is a quiet grace in these pieces, a purging of the extraneous and a reduction to visual essence. In his latest work Schmitz handles translucent media to wondrous effect. With skillful precision, he differentiates areas of color by varying the number of layers of pigmented wax to create both hard-edged shapes and soft ethereal transitions in hue. The overall effect is of a luminous structure with a floating composition of light and color.


His work is minimalist in concept but complex in technique. In some pieces, layered planes of translucent, ethereal colorâ€"made of pigmented wax, resin, enamel and Plexiglasâ€"alternate with vertical supports of pale, laminated ash. In others, the support is cold rolled steel. The ash and steel are integral to the visual whole, dividing the composition into vertical elements while adding sculptural depth of 2 to 6 inches.


Schmitz acknowledges the influence of Richard Serra’s minimalist forms and Gerhard Richter’s resistance to being pigeonholed. Highly process-oriented, he has always experimented with non-traditional materials and forms. A tremendous effort is put forth to find and incorporate new materials.


Schmitz first exhibited at LewAllen Contemporary as a ceramicist in 1995. His work has been included in museum, gallery shows and many corporate and private collections across the country.

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